The Golden Craw Project

Why the Golden Craw ?.


I study Mandarin Chinese. Suddenly one day, verifying the word “Sun” in Chinese in my App on the Iphone I found that in literature, in a poetic way, the sun is called also the Golden Crow. And I wanted then to create my website as the Golden Crow, but by mistake I wrote the Golden Craw, therefore, here we are, on The Golden Craw Project :)


Golden Craw reminds me to the Frigate Bird, this Bird that has a huge red craw that uses to inflate as much as the male wants to get the female during their process of pairing. When I was at the School I used to read books with animals from the 5 continentes, very special animals like this one, and this gave me an idea to create the logo of the Golden Craw Project.










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